How to Safely Binge-Watch

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the possible book covers. “Book Houses” is the winner. I liked both for different reasons, but I’m very pleased with “Book Houses” in part because I describe marathoners as residents of their story worlds.

Describing marathoners as residents of their story worlds may make it seem like they’ve lost their grip on reality. Many of my book chapters and the arguments contained therein actually defend media marathoning practices against charges that it is a mindless behavior with unhealthy and isolating consequences.

Entertainment Weekly’s recent “Public Service Announcement” about the dangers of binge-watching pathologizes marathoners, thereby contributing to this discursive tide I’m swimming against—but at least they do it in a humorous way.

Check out the advice from Leslie Knope, Keith Mars, Piper Chapman, Sawyer, and our other TV friends about the importance of hydration, avoiding cross-contamination, and other strategies for safely binge-watching:

Celebrities Warn Against the Dangers of Binge-Watching

(With thanks to Lexington Books editor, Alison Pavan, for bringing this to my attention.)





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