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Media marathoning (and binge-watching) have received a lot of media coverage since 2010. Marathons have been featured as story lines in television shows, covered in the popular press, and served as punch lines in jokes. Fan organizations, networks, and theaters have also encouraged this practice. Below is a selected list of media marathoning in media.

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Coverage of My Work

Interview with Evan Dawson of WXXI’s Connections (2014)

Press release for my book (2014)

Profile in Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle (2014)

Q&A for Nazareth College website (2014)


Entertainment Media

Portlandia and Battlestar Galactica

Star Wars Trilogy on How I Met Your Mother

Fan, Network and Theater-Inspired Marathons’s Annual LOTR Trilogy Marathon

Firefly Marathon Before the Comic-Con Reunion

News Media

“Why We Binge Watch,” CNN story by Alexandra Field (2014)

The Arrested Development Media Event in May 2013

“From Arrested Development to Dr. Who, How Binge Watching is Changing our Culture,” Wired article by Grant McCracken (2013)

Arrested Development creator on the Future of TV and Bringing Back the Bluths,” Wired interview by Willa Paskin (2013)

“Netflix Finds Plenty of Binge Watching, but Little Guilt,” CNN Money article by Brian Stelter (2013)

“Race to End for ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans,” The New York Times article by Brian Stelter (2013)

“For Love and Television: Bingeing on Breaking Bad,” The New Yorker article by Hannah Goldfield (2013).

“The Nielsen Family is Dead,” Wired article by Tom Vanderbilt (2013)

“Netflix Touts Binge Viewing. Is Waiting Better?” Entertainment Weekly article by James Hibberd (2013)

“The Land of the Binge,” New York Times article by Frank Bruni (2013)

“New Way to Deliver a Drama: All Thirteen Episodes in One Sitting,” New York Times article by Brian Stelter (2013)

“Binge Viewing: TV’s Lost Weekends,” Wall Street Journal article by John Jurgensen (2012)

“How Should You Watch and Read and Listen? However You Want,” NPR story by Linda Holmes.

“The Side Effects of Binge Television,” Los Angeles Times article by Mary McNamara (2012)

“Stop Binge-Watching TV,” Slate article by Jim Pagels (2012)

“Younger TV Watchers Tossing the Line-up Guides–and Sometimes the TV Itself,” Washington Post Article by Scott Eidler (2011)


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