marathon meme

Oh, You Do Marathons?

Here’s just a quick post today of this meme a friend sent me (accessed through We’ve currently got a winter storm watch in Rochester. Several of my friends are training for upcoming marathons, but I’ll bet even they would take option two instead of hitting the roads or trails today. Comments comments


Media Marathoning Available for Pre-Order

Just in time to serve as your holiday binge-watch or binge-read guide… Media Marathoning: Immersions in Morality is available for pre-order! You can click on the links to the right to order through Lexington Books or Amazon. If ordering through Lexington, be sure to use the 30% off coupon code. The Amazon price has fluctuated,…


Television Spoiler Study

The final read-through and index for Media Marathoning: Immersions in Morality are done (phew!), which means I have time for other projects. The media marathoning work inspired me to explore other related research that didn’t have a place in the book. One of those projects is a study with people who have media marathoned during…

Leslie and Ben

How to Safely Binge-Watch

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the possible book covers. “Book Houses” is the winner. I liked both for different reasons, but I’m very pleased with “Book Houses” in part because I describe marathoners as residents of their story worlds. Describing marathoners as residents of their story worlds may make it seem like they’ve…


Help Me Choose a Book Cover

I need to weigh in on a book cover design Monday morning, and I’d like to poll the audience. (I already used the “phone a husband” option and that didn’t give me a clear answer.) Even if you don’t know much about graphic design, give me your gut reaction if you are so inclined. You…

Piper and Larry reunite under Thompson's watch

My Summer Vacation to Prison

The Media Marathoning blog was quiet in July as I finished up book manuscript revisions. Now that I’ve submitted those, I’m back to the blog to report on my summer television experiences. Summer’s release from the network and broadcast schedules opens many people up to a self-selected media infusion. Loads of us engage in what…


Help Me with a Fan #Shelfie?

I’ve written a book on media marathoning, which includes a section analyzing the proliferation of the fan shelfie. Before it goes to print, I’m looking for an interesting shelfie to put in the book. I could take a picture of my stuff, but I know the people in Twitter fan communities have better collections than…