Media Marathoning Available for Pre-Order

Just in time to serve as your holiday binge-watch or binge-read guide…

Media Marathoning: Immersions in Morality is available for pre-order!

couture-book-gift-boxYou can click on the links to the right to order through Lexington Books or Amazon. If ordering through Lexington, be sure to use the 30% off coupon code. The Amazon price has fluctuated, but the Lexington price has always been $5-10 cheaper (shipping included). You can also ask your school or local library to purchase a copy.

Thanks to all blog readers and contributors who helped me with this research! So many of you are included in the book. Try to figure out your pseudonym and see which quotes are yours. I look forward to future media marathoning conversations!


Book Overview: Media Marathoning: Immersions in Morality is a scholarly study of the intense relationship between reader and story world, analyzing the way audiences become absorbed in a fictive text and dedicate many hours to exploring its narrative contours. Rather than view these media experiences as mindless indulgences, “media marathoning” connotes a conjoined triumph of commitment and stamina. Compared to more traditional, slower-paced media engagement patterns, media marathoning affords readers greater depth of story world engagement, maximizing the emotional and cognitive rewards of the media experience. Through immersive marathoning experiences, audiences can seriously engage with mediated questions about human nature and society, refining our orientation toward morality through internal dialogue about the story and communication with other readers as we process the meaningful journey. As digital technologies facilitate easier, user-centered access to media texts, narratives increase in complexity, and more readers seek immersive story world experiences, marathoning looks to be the new normal of media engagement. Drawing from qualitative studies of book, film, and television marathoners, along with textual analysis of commonly marathoned stories, Media Marathoning presents a holistic look at marathoning’s cultural impact.





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