Help Me with a Fan #Shelfie?

I’ve written a book on media marathoning, which includes a section analyzing the proliferation of the fan shelfie. Before it goes to print, I’m looking for an interesting shelfie to put in the book. I could take a picture of my stuff, but I know the people in Twitter fan communities have better collections than me.

If you don’t mind sharing, please send me a high-quality image capturing your books, DVDs, collectibles, and/or other media-related artifacts. (Tweet me or email me ) They can be from the same story world or author (e.g., all LOTR or Tolkien stuff) or from a smattering of different worlds and authors.

Once I find the best fit for the book, I’ll ask the author for permission before re-printing. Who knows? Maybe your shelfie will make next year’s top-ten list.


A Shelfie from the MacMillan Dictionary Blog November 2013 Word of the Month



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