Guess the Font

How well do you know marathoned texts? Our “media marathoning” banner is a composite of 12 fonts from marathoned texts. All of them can be found in our list of “commonly marathoned texts.” See how many you can identify (without Google’s help). The “i” is very tricky, but many people will probably have the same “Oh, I knew that” reaction.

And how many of these titles do you own? That may be the true test to see who is the most serious marathoner. I’ve got five, but I’m sure someone can top that.

Here’s a media marathoning clip from Portlandia to give a (big) hint about one of the fonts.





One thought on “Guess the Font

  1. Had to guess… let me know which ones I got (and they’re in the order I recognized the “Font”):
    1. Harry Potter
    2. Lord of the Rings
    3. Twilight series
    4. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    5. Godfather? (maybe that’s where the G comes from)
    6. Star Wars

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