Binge-Watch Burnout: Take Back Your Life

Curator’s note: This is the first of five blog posts made by students in Dr. Perks’s spring 2015 Media Marathoning class at Nazareth College. Students conducted qualitative research projects in groups addressing one research question. These blog posts represent their distillation of findings that are also reported in 8-10 page essays. This post is from Adora, Gabby, and Shelby. 

Does this look like you?  What it’s Like to Binge-Watch a TV Show

If so, you may have fallen victim to the power of Netflix, or other streaming devices, and clicked that “next episode” button one too many times. You may think multitasking is a way to outsmart the system, but the reality is that even the most efficient multitasker cannot do everything without hitting “pause.”

We found that there are several specific occasions where people may need a break from a marathon:

1. Busy-bee Syndrome

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When your workload becomes overwhelming and you may need to pull an all-nighter to finish that project before its deadline, temporarily saying goodbye to Netflix can help cross more off your to-do list.

2. Interaction Reaction

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When you haven’t called your mother in over a week and you need to assure her that you are still alive and that yes, you are still planning to visit this weekend. As much as you may love Netflix, remember that you love your family more.

3. The Basic Check-Up

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When you just need to get up, grab a sandwich and stretch because you haven’t made it out of your bedroom in several hours. Open the shades and take a walk if you haven’t seen the light of day yet.

4. The Vanilla Virus

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When you become so bored by a drawn-out plot line that you lose interest and decide to move on consider picking up a new hobby, like croquet or ball-room dancing.

All joking aside, Netflix really can influence your life choices. But it doesn’t have to. Take back your life. When in the midst of a gripping show, don’t forget the things that really matter and remember to ask yourself, is Netflix in control?

If so, make some plans and hit that “pause button.” Take your break, you deserve it.



2 thoughts on “Binge-Watch Burnout: Take Back Your Life

  1. I think I’ve experienced all of these .. especially the busy bee syndrome! It’s easy to fall into a pattern of viewing when you don’t want to focus on your busy schedule (and you end up watching the entire series of Friends in a couple of months). 🙂

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